Trick or Treat With Cooper Street Cookies!

halloween cooper street cookies

Now, the most popular holiday amongst young children and immature adults is almost upon us, and besides arranging your costume for this year, you’d better decide how you’re going to stock the treats for your annual Halloween party! Or are you going to a Halloween party at a friend’s house and you’re wondering what to bring that’s sure to be both delicious and well received? Well, we’ve got just the thing to make everyone at the party, no matter what they’re dressed as, be pretty glad that you were invited. If you’re looking to bring something that will really put a spooky smile on everyone’s chocolate-stained faces, then a Halloween-themed basket of Cooper Street Cookies is a great way to go!

You see, everyone is going to be overdosing on candy in just a few short weeks. With the lead up to Halloween and then the wind down period (over which candy discounts can lead to some serious overindulgence), folks will certainly have had their fill of sugary sweets, and then some. Perhaps the last thing that anyone wants to see from about mid October through mid November is fun-sized candy bars and individual packets of gummy candies. So, what does this mean for your festivities during this sugar-saturated month? Well, even though you can’t, for obvious reasons, be handing our individual, unwrapped and unsealed cookies to trick or treaters, you can make them a staple in your home and the home of anyone else who you happen to visit over the course of this candy bonanza of a holiday.

Give your friends and family something delicious to snack on that’s sure to be more nutritious than any of their trick or treating trove. In fact, our Cooper Street Cookies come in eight wonderful flavors, and each one is more nutritious than any of our leading competitors’ cookies. We are proud to offer a product that is not only made exclusively of all-natural ingredients, but also completely dairy, tree nut and peanut free, so anyone who’s in the mood for a delectable snack can and will enjoy our Cooper Street Cookies this Halloween. Whether you just buy a couple boxes, a vertically imposing cookie tower, or you go full tilt and acquire a bountiful gift basket for Halloween this year, your friends, family and even you, too, will surely be happy that you did!

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    Came across your cooper street orange cranberry cookie at a Sam’s Club in Valdosta, GA and can’t get enough of them. They are simply delicious. I actually was checking to see if there are other varieties that may also as appealing as the orange cranberry ones and where they might be sold. Thank you for thus incredible treat!😊

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