Keeping Kosher With Cooper Street Cookies

keeping kosher with cooper street cookies

Would you like to be able to sneak a treat that won’t compromise your adherence to the laws of kashrut? Keeping kosher can be difficult, or can at least require the same kind of dedication and will power of other dietary specifications. What can make abiding by these ancient laws even more treacherous is, yep, you guessed it, attempting to cater to young children. When your youngsters have just made it home from school and are raring and ready to sit back, watch some cartoons and chow down on some delicious snacks, you may be relieved to know that Cooper Street Cookies are certified kosher by Rabbi Jason Miller of Kosher Michigan for you and yours!

There are all too few food products on the market today that are both kosher and irresistible, but one such product is our delightful Cooper Street Cookies. We’ve made mention many times before of our overarching philosophy of making cookies that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who feels like having a little nosh. From making impressively nutritious, all-natural cookies to keeping out all dairy, tree nuts and peanuts, we’ve managed to make our Cooper Street Cookies highly accessible. It’s out distinct pleasure to also be able to include strictly kosher households into the ranks of those who can enjoy are cookies, yet might not be able to partake in others.

Although we’ve made special accommodations in order to ensure that those with health concerns, dietary restrictions and religious beliefs are able to enjoy our wide selection of delicious flavors, we’ve never compromised on making cookies that are simply delectable. So, whether you keep kosher, have food allergies, maintain a strict diet or concern yourself with none of those things, Cooper Street Cookies are an ideal choice for a snack any old time. Unless that time is Pesach, as that is not a particularly cookie-friendly holiday.


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    You need to send more cranberry orange cookies to Sam’s club quickly we are needing them best cookies ever love them

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    i love these kosher cookies!

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