Cooper Street Cookies New Package Design Available at a Sam’s Club Near You!

Cooper Street Cookies takes the nation!

Cooper Street Cookies is sweeping the nation by storm! Find our newly designed package in a Sam’s Club near you.

Our customers have been the backbone of this company and we at Cooper Street Cookies feel a little extra loved recently. We have been demoing our new cookies at Sam’s Club and have received the most flattering praises of the new design! We’re giddy with anticipation as to how our loyal customers around the nation will perceive the new package design, and what new faces we’ll see as a result of its introduction, but either way, we hope in earnest that it brings you joy with holiday season coming up!

Take a look at the many smiling faces we’ve seen this past few weeks!

Cooper Street Cookies now at Sam's Clubs nationwide!    Cooper Street Cookies now at Sam's Clubs nationwide!    Cooper Street Cookies now at Sam's Clubs nationwide!           Cooper Street Cookies now at Sam's Clubs nationwide!    Cooper Street Cookies now at Sam's Clubs nationwide!


  • by Barbara, post on | Reply

    I just purchased your orange cranberry cookies at Sam’s Club. They are delicious!

  • by Sylvia Cloninger, post on | Reply

    I purchased my first bag of Orange
    Cranberry cookies at Sam’s Club in Gastonia NC. I love them. I have been looking for orange cranberry flavored
    anything. Will this be only a seasonal item or will it be carried at Sam’s year round ?

  • by Cherril Gray, post on | Reply

    I used to be able to buy Cooper St. biscotti in my local Kroger store. No longer. I have not yet checked my local Sam’s Club. Need to know where to buy…I do not mind traveling to the Birmingham/Troy/R.O. area to buy.

  • by Leo Gatto, post on | Reply

    I am a diabetic type 2 and your cookies are for me, they are the best cookies I ever ate. Take it from me I am 75 years old

  • by Carmen Tebbben, post on | Reply

    I just bought these today at Sam’s Club.They are amazing! Fresh, not too sweet, full of flavor so delicious! Had I known these were this good, I would of bought several bags for myself and some for family and friends. Thank you so much for making a cookie that’s not too sweet and full of flavor!

  • by Leslie Fox, post on | Reply

    Just opened the bag of orange & cranberry cookies. Reminded me of ‘mandelbroit’ – but w/o the ‘mandel’!! I did buy them at Sam’s Club (in Princeton, NJ). Nice that they are also usable in a kosher home.

  • by Bev W., post on | Reply

    Amazing cookies! Picked up a bag at Sam’s, so glad l did. Unlike anything else l have tried. Will buy again!

  • by MARYALICE WILLIAMSON, post on | Reply


  • by Christine Y, post on | Reply

    I went without my favorite cookies for 6 months!!! I complained in samsclub to many times and thano God your back!!! I usually buy 5-6 packages when I go to samsclub coz I have to have a stash at my office and home…. I like the new packaging but I like the original better oh well I take what I can get!!!!

  • by Patti, post on | Reply

    I discovered these cookies at my local Sam’s Club in Citrus Heights, California. They are WONDERFUL! I love that they are dairy free and low in sugar. The flavor is hauntingly delicious and you keep coming back for more. Thank you Cooper Street Cookies!

  • by Margaret Gilsinger, post on | Reply

    Can not find in a new Sam’s Club by me.
    Where can I buy them, they are the best cookies I ever tasted

  • by Lynda, post on | Reply

    I went to Ocala ,fla Sam’s club just for these cookies,could not find them.and we want a bag.

  • by clreinard, post on | Reply

    Your Orange-Cranberry Cookies are the best packaged cookies I have ever purchased! I just purchased 3 bags on your web site because I’m afraid Sam’s will run out by the next time I get there

  • by Stephanie, post on | Reply


  • by Sschang94, post on | Reply

    The cookies are SOOO good. Thanks so much, Elaine and Family!

  • by ARMI Jordan, post on | Reply

    Your cookies are no longer in Sam’s Club at Ontario Ave Corona, CA. I am really sad it wasn’t there anymore. Where else do you distribute your products?

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